We are basically specialized on branded prints of shirts

Who we are

most of us are familiar with the word vintage shirt or somethimes called beach shirt, for those once with beach prints on them.

Our vintage shirts is a kind of wear that keeps revolving, it never goes out of fashion instead it keeps getting better in its prints and designs which makes its demand high as it comes in limited designs and prints. Sometimes a piece of vintage shirt is all you need to rouse your holiday spirit. Our shirts are genuine hand sewn for durable and lasting wear, not forgetting its simplistic but stylish look and great comfort
Est. 2018        7 Designers       Worldwide Delivery

Our products are simply the best. They come in various fabrics like rayon, high chiffon and pure cottons. The durability of our products has kept us in business for years, making our customers glued to us.

From the CEO

We describe our product as uniquely amazing. See yourself taking a walk in the evening time, wearing our free size rayon floral shirt that allows the breeze penetrate as you slay in your uniqueness

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